What in Bank IFSC code?

Bank IFSC code stands for Indian Financial System Code. It is an alphanumeric code, which identifies the branch in which a bank is located. This code is used in major electronic funds settlement i.e. RTGS and NEFT, which are used to do fund transfers.

IFSC code consists of -

11 characters

First four characters are alphabets, signifying the name of the bank

The remaining 7 are numbers (which can be alphabets as well)

Bank IFSC code is used to route electronic transactions based on NEFT and RTGS. For instance, here is the IFSC code for PUNJAB-NATIONAL-BANK

IFSC Code:

represents the bank name, and the '0' reserved for future. If you take a look closely, the last six characters represent Branch code in the IFSC code.

Here is how you can search the IFSC code for any branch

Key in the details in the drop box

Select the name of the bank

State in which the branch is located

Branch name

And, hit enter

That is about it.

Within moments, you will get IFSC code for the bank that you have been looking for. You will also get the Google maps reflecting the exact location of the bank branch which you have searched. You will get to see that The PUNJAB-NATIONAL-BANK is located at RCC-JABALPUR. Here is the exact address for this branch

Also, you will get to know that the IFSC Code is unique for all the branches of PUNJAB-NATIONAL-BANK, RCC-JABALPUR, CHOWK--JABALPUR, MADHYA-PRADESH.

Here is the IFSC code for this branch - .

It is important to have the right IFSC code if you want to make your financial transactions right. And, that you can get here. Here is every detail of the bank which you are going to need to make your financial transactions without any hassle.