Searching for Postal Codes in Canada?

You are just at the right place! But, before you search for them, first take a look at some basic information about postal codes in Canada.

A little bit about Canada Postal Codes

Postal Code in Canada is a six character code which forms part of the postal address. Just like British and Dutch postcodes, postal codes in Canada are alphanumeric. Here’s the format: A1A 1A1,

Here, A is a letter and 1 is a digit. And, there space between the third and fourth characters.

From A0! To Newfoundland to Y1A in Yukon, there are a total of 855,815 postal codes in Canada.

And, you can get access to them all here with us! No need to waste time running everywhere in search of the postal codes for various regions in Canada. Just select the province and place name and you can get access to the postal code for that place with ease!